How technology changed our lives?

How technology changed our lives? Today. Life before technology. Technology in my life. How technology changed our lives? Self-driving cars. Future. Advantages of technology. Disadvantages of technology. Thank you for. your attention.

Through the years, we've watched technology grow more and more. It has changed humans point of view, the way we interact with each other etc. Ones swear by modern gadgets and say that it’s a good thing while others disagree and would live without them with ease.

In the world full of technology’s, we live in today, its hard for us to imagine living without technology. Now days, we wake up and the first thing we do is check our phones. People before technology spent their days mostly with family and some friends. I am so glad I had a childhood before technology took over. Most kids just don’t have a normal childhood like we did.

Technology means a lot for a teen like me, I use technology in everyday basis. I mainly I use my phone and computer. My parents and grandparent mostly use home appliance technologies.

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  • How technology changed our lives?
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