How to build a house

Place of the hause. Desing. Foundation. Walls. Roof. Conclusion. Resources.

Walls muat be adequate for their own support in any case , but must offen also serve other structual function, such as support of roofs and floors or brancing for wind or seismic effects on the building.

Even when walls need only support themselves , other elements of the building structure.

Exterior walls have inside surfaces that are usually part of some occupied space . for complex buildings, the same general exterior surface treatment , may need to provide for many different interior conditions .

Roof surfacing often becomes a major architectual desing concern for non flats roofs, as the surfaces are visible . If you decide to build a low rise building they will be dominant parts of the architectual of the building exterior. The choice of slate shingles , clay ties , copper sheet or other expensive roofingmay be justified for the impact of finishing surfaces on the general building appearance .

Roofs serve to keep interior from rain , snow , wind , and other nature . So when you start to build roof you need chose a material , you need to know that material must be weatherproof. Roofing is usually measured in squares , the amount will weatherproof 100ft of roof structure .

At the conclusion I want to tell if you thinking to start build your own dream houseyou need to know where you want to build.

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