How world is celebrating christmas?

Christmas. How world is celebrating Christmas? In the USA and Canada. In France. In Germany. In Spain. In Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. In Italy. In Poland. In Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In South America. In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and the Balkan region where Orthodoxy prevails.

Popular Christmas traditions come from the United Kingdom, for example, sending Christmas cards, or green mistletoe hanging branches. According to tradition, if someone puts mistletoe branch has to kiss the man. People decorate their homes Christmas trees, wreaths and other decorations, city streets decorated with colorful lights. A few weeks before Christmas, children write letters to Santa Claus and tell him what gift would like this year. Children believe that Santa Claus brings gifts; Christmas Eve arrives reindeer-drawn sleigh, and leaves presents under the tree. Traditional English Christmas dinner unthinkable without meat pie and plum pudding. In these countries, popular singers - their small group walking from house to house and sing Christmas carols, people give them small cash gifts or treat hot drink. In ancient times, the singers in England were treated to a hot punch made from beer, cider, eggs, sugar and spices in today's punch made from wine and other alcoholic drinks, fruit and spices.

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  • How world is celebrating christmas?
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