Human recources in traditional and virtual organizations

Theme relevance. Leading questions. Theoretical framework. Hypothesis. List of variables. Research strategies. Literature.

Properly and carefully selected staff is an important part of the organizations success. Organization with appropriate staff will work more efficiently and productively, the results of the work meets the needs of executives and the organization's goals.

Whenever a vacancy occurs in the workplace, or the need for a new employee, a problem arises - how and where to find the best option. There are many ways to search, beginning with the company's personnel recommendations, ending the on-line searches. As technology goes forward, the new ways of selection process has to be invented. Companies come up with more and more ways to find methods to attract new force to meet wanted expectations. It is impossible to cover and describe all possible and existing recruitment methods and selections, so in this paper I will discuss briefly the basic, most commonly used methods, which can be analyzed at the level of science. Recruitment - one of the most important business areas, the significance is often overlooked, and for this processes is not given enough attention from the heads of the companies.

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  • Human recources in traditional and virtual organizations
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