Human resources management

Human resource management darbai. Human resources management(anglų kalba) vu tvm.

Kursinis vu tvm gautas balas 10. Introduction. Human resource management specification. Modern human resources management philosophy and policy. Human resources management system. The essence of creation of organizations, the formulation of goals. Behavioral macrocategories of an organization. External factors of hrm. Internal environment formed components. Penalties for the violations of the employment opportunities for equal rights. The management of the diversity. The content of work analysis. Recruitment and work selection process. Planning and forecasting of the workforce demand. The recruitment of the candidates. The principles of testing and selecting employees. The methods of interviewing potential candidates. Other methods of selection. The orientation of the employers. Educational methods. Special - purpose training. Preparing to work force diversity. Education effort and evaluation of results. Employee motivation and cognitive needs of the interpretation of the methodology. The purpose and concept of employee assessment. The assessment of job performance. The most common assessment errors. Career management. Incentive planning and financial promotion, performance indicators. Sources.

People are essential component of any company. No one can separate good human resource management from organization results. Human resource management affects its employee from the moment he gives his application to enter desired job, in period of his training and in time of his work. It shows us importance of human resource management, and this importance is purely practical – good HRM system in the company is a key feature leading the company to good results and general success.

Selection, training, motivation, employee evaluation – all of these are topics of human resource management. We chose human resource management as our topic because we think that it is one of the most important topics in modern management and knowledge in it will be very useful in our future. Our goal in this work was to learn and analyze more about specification of HRM, its system, different points of view to modern HRM, and practical elements of managing personnel (recruitment, training, motivation and etc.)

Human resource management is broad, complex topic. For good human resource management companies managers have to be skilled and professional, to know and apply most suitable methods of HRM for all the stages of employees work. Using companies assets well means the best results, best profit, and using most important asset – employees-effectively , without a doubt must be a priority of any company.

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