Hybrid car

Electric vehicles and infrastructure. Electric cars. Hybrid vehicle. Hybrid car technology. Hybrid. There are several ways of operating the hybrid car. Parallel. The consistent. Serial-paralle. Electric car charging stations and STANDARDS. Charging methods. Wireless charging. Winter Batteries.

The topic of my Individual project is Hybrid cars. I divided my work into several parts: Electric vehicles and infrastructure, Several ways of operating the hybrid car, Electric car charging stations and standarts and Batteries for electrical vehicles.My aims of the project is to introduce electric vehicles and infrastructure, to compare several ways of operating the hybrid car: parallel, consistent and serial-parallel. To analyse electric car charging stations and to describe batteries for electrical vehicles. I choose this topic, because I think that in the future hybrid cars was very popular vehicle.

Electric cars - motor, an energy to mechanical movement is supplied only from the electrical energy storage device

True electric vehicles (Battery Electric Vehicle, BEV) - the vehicle which runs only the electric motor and the battery has enough capacity in comparison with hybrid cars. On average, the electric vehicles can drive about 130 km. In exceptional cases, the electric battery is much more capacious and distance covered is higher (Tesla Roadster traveled almost 400 km at a loading), but this leads to a much higher electric rates. The batteries can be loaded directly from the mains (230 V ~ 3.7 kW), but at a fairly talpiom batteries, the charging method takes about 8 hours (the average battery capacity of 22 kWh). There are more sophisticated loading techniques, called quick charging, which uses higher voltage and current is possible, thus allowing to obtain a higher loading capacity. However, the loading station requires special infrastructure. Popularity of electric cars - the Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi iMiev, Tesla Roadster, Renault ZOE and others. Currently, the list of existing electric vehicles is considerable, and here you can see the various companies trying to enter this market.

Hybrid vehicle - vehicle in which mechanical energy of movement is supplied from two or more of the vehicle stored energy sources, fuel consumption and power storage device (battery, capacitor)

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