Hydraulic suspension

Introduction. Vehicle suspension. Resilient performance. Kinematic scheme. Suspensions for improvement. Car suspension. Front and rear suspension scheme. Conclusion. Literature.

When talking about the suspension consumerist jokingly, we can say that this is the most important mechanism (known under car tires and seats) to prevent your rear part of the body to feel the bumps in the road. Suspension also prevents the car from the disintegration of the individual parts. No matter how smooth the road would be, moving a ton or more sverančiai metal structure influenced by any, even the smallest roughness. Therefore trust can only be used for suspension, which helps avoid sudden and unexpected shocks. Suspension is important not only for cars, but also for other vehicles such as subways. Metro traveling people also depend on the vehicle's suspension, and they do not want to feel uncomfortable driving. As for the subway trains, pressing problem is "rough" ride, because the trains do not chorizontalios suspension, so if the track turns slightly to the side, overwhelmed all the train and its passengers. Cars this small problem is solved by the rubber tires.

In the modern world of the car-mounted newer and improved technology. Also changed and the automobile suspension. They become softer, better quality and safer compared to the old model cars. Most cars will be fitted with hydraulic suspension. The suspension is very significant due to hydraulic shock absorbers which there are several types: adjustable in height, Twin tube, Single-barreled. It is also important role in the car's safety and driving confort and performs other suspension parts: hinges, springs, rods and other details.

Suspensions purpose - to mitigate the impacts resulting from road bumps. According to establish the basic requirements for the suspension:

- Short suspension elements of the performance must be chosen so as to ensure as far as possible a smoother ride, but should not feel the shock stops. Together suspension must ensure that the vehicle is cornering too nesvirs braking "nenusvirs" front end and nepritūps "acceleration;

- Suspension kinematic scheme should be selected in such a way that the suspension work, the less the exchange of spatial position of the wheel (rut, camber and toe angles) and pivot (real or imaginary) situation in the corners.

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