Hyundai case study analysis

Verslo analizė. Case Study Analysis of “Hyundai Leading the Way in the Global Auto Industry”. Abstract. References.

Hyundai Company is one of the most successful car manufacturing companies worldwide. During a crisis it was one of the most profitable companies in the global auto industry. What made this company to be so successful? Examining Hyundai’s global position by using Porter’s Diamond model revealed that certain factors allowed Hyundai to improve its role in a globally competitive automotive industry. An analysis of comparative advantages, company’s compliance with factor proportions theory and South Korean government’s influence also revealed positive effects that contributed to the successful performance of the company in the global area. What is more, examination of company’s internal capabilities showed that it created a very strong competitive advantage over its domestic and foreign competitors. Advantageous external environment factors and internal capabilities of Hyundai helped the company to reach its success and become a worldwide known international company with a strong and reliable brand image.

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  • Hyundai case study analysis
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