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In my opinion, every person has dreams and plans for the future, including me too dream of having my ideal home. I always imagine the place where it would be situated and the way it would look like. To begin with, i would like to live in the south of spain, in the city of malaga. My house would be quite big, airy, two – storyed, made of white bricks with a red roof and floor–to–ceiling windows. In my yard there would be a small pond or a swimming pool where i could revive my body and soul after a hard day at work. Speaking about the inside of my dream house, there would be bright walls covered with snaps and paintings. The kitchen would be large with all the modern equipment, including a fridge, freezer, electric cooker and oven. The sitting room would be decorated with flowery wallpaper. It would be also spacious and it would have a big fireplace. Certainly, it would be the accent of the whole house as a symbol of family unity and well-being. On the second floor there would be my bedroom.
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