Ideal school

Viešoji kalba, apie idealią mokyklą. Kalba parašyta angliškai.

School is a big part of our childhood and teenage time. We come along, sit in the classroom, learn, write tests and get grades. All we are trying to make a better performance. But after a while, it may seem uninteresting, difficult or even boring. So what we can do, that pupils would want to go to school-in other words what should be a dream school?

I think that in the school shouldn’t be the grades. It's just a impede progress and divides into levels: Clever, average and others. If a person for a while is learning badly, nobody from it wouldn’t expect nothing more reasonable and he doesn’t try to learn better. However, if the school is without grades all would feel equal and have the same opportunities to make mistakes, and learn from them.

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