Immigration has been a major factor in the history of the american people. History shows that the country not only was founded but also excelled with the help of the immigrant people. Since the discovery of america, there has been a continuous growth in population of the country. Many waves of immigrants have reached the continent of the united states. The ones who came here left their homelands for many various reasons such as politics, starvation, adventure, and hope.

Although there are many people believing the immigration is really hurting the country, I will show that it is otherwise. Immigration is beneficial to today’s American economy for three primary reasons. First of all, the United States needs immigrants to provide labor in many communities. Secondly, immigrants, who stay in the country, put more money into the U.S. economy than they take away. Lastly, immigrants bring numerous entrepreneurships with their social capital.

Now the United States consist of immigrants from almost every country in the world, all living in the same, American territory. Although there are people believing the immigration is hurting them and that the newcomers are taking their job places; it is not true. In the following paragraphs I will show you how.

First of all, immigrants fill all kinds of jobs. If you observed the society, many of them are working jobs that the majority of Americans will never choose, such as restaurant workers, roofers, construction workers, hotel services, food production and landscape workers.

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