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Introduction. JSC "IRS" Performance Analysis of. General information about the company "Irs". JSC "Irs" Management and organizational structure. And software. Business management system microsoft business solutions. Axapta. Microsoft business solutions. AXAPTA a general overview. Figure. Starting the Axapta system. Figure. Axapta main menu. Figure. Inventory management module elements. Figure. Correction of the data. Figure. The options menu. Figure. The main menu list of modules (accounting department). Jsc "irs" goods demand planning process and lots axapta. Figure. Overall planning. The planned purchase order. Figure. The planned purchase order approval. Open purchase orders. New purchase order creation. Figure. Purchase orders window. Figure. Warehouse assignment. Figure Vehicle Assignment. Figure. Transport sum assignment. Figure Transport sum distribution. Figure. Registration of bill of lading. Figure. Invoices Registration. Microsoft business solutions. Axapta components. Jsc "irs" business process models (dfd model hierarchy). Figure. Top-level data flow diagram. Figure. Zero-level data flow diagram. Figure. First-level data flow diagram. Figure. Inventory Control module. Figure. Procurement Module. Microsoft business solutions. AXAPTA user guide. Recommended reading.

Specialization of practice was conducted Lithuanian limited liability company Iris, located in Alytus. The company's activities - building decoration materials. JSC "Irs" running through their stores under the brand Iris network.

This practice focuses on specialization - available with "Irs" activity, the company used computer hardware and software.

Practices are:

•Communicate with the company's specialists to gather information necessary for specialization report.

• Perform an analysis of the company's activities.

• Access to the existing computerized system, which integrates hardware, software and subsystem information.

• Identify record keeping of the company used computer programs.

•To analyze the input of the procedure used in software.

Apprenticeship has been used in such collection methods:

survey of company managers, company clients (business) survey, analysis of financial records, accounting data, purchases and sales data analysis.

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