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Uab ,,Rūta“. Content. Introduction history dislocation structure about workers motivation for. Introduction.  AB „Rūta" is. History. Uab “Rūta” activity. Dislocation. Over the past decades the headquarters is Siauliai. Structure. About workers. Uab. Motivation for staff. Premiums Gift Awards or prizes Travels Promotion Discounts. Foreign partners. Profit. Company‘s strengths and weaknesses. Strength delicate taste of. Opportunities. Good develop new. Perspectives. The Company's activities. Thank you for your attention!

Over the past decades the headquarters is Siauliai. ,,Rūta“ products can be found in every supermarket which are each Lithuanian city.

STRENGTH Delicate taste of confectionery Respect to a client WEAKNESS This company has a lot of competitors.

The Company's activities will continue to be: stable and high quality of production guaranteed food safety high culture of sanitation and hygiene.

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