Indian food

Indian food. India is a large country in southern. Asia. Indian food is different. From rest of the world not. Only in taste but also in. Cooking methods. North indian food. A typical north-indian meal would consist of unleavened bread baked on a griddle. Saag. Is. Prepared with a green. Leafy vegetable known. As the ‘hak'. Boondi laddu. The. Round,small sweets with. Almonds. The. Round,small sweets with. Almonds. A huge part of western india is cosmopolitan in its food habits. Shrikhand. Bhelpuri. East indian food. The various eminent east indian recipes. Include the excellent range of fish and rice. Macher jhol. Rasgulla. South indian food. Tandoori. Burfi.
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  • Indian food
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