Industrialized building systems

Industrialized building systems. VIA University College. Jón Garðar Jónsson Lakshman Badami Aurimas Semeta Grazvile Savickaite. Different kinds of industrial buildings components. There are two. Volume Elements - Concrete. Installation Shafts. Balcony with unilateral case against migrant with drainage or spews. The classic 2-stair. Volume Elements - Timber. Wooden Houses. Concrete prefabrication. Precast concrete is. The main disadvantages of using prefabricated concrete are - Careful handling is required. Wood prefabrication. The prefabricated wood components industry includes many products. Other very important. Steel prefabrication. This kind of prefabrications structures are most of all used to built industrial buildings. Quality assurance and Workmanship. First step to build object in correct way is quality assurance in manufacture. Safety. The helmets, gloves and safety shoes on site where very important. Transport and Lifting. Mammoets. Tolerances. Materials of construction. Economy. Competitiveness Price is. Prefabricated Elements and the Environment. The primary goal. Thank you all Good luck all on the 3d semester.

The concept is built around the 3D configuration of the installation shaft. The shaft configured electronically at the design stage and is defined by number of taps, drainage, ventilation, etc. The shaft is then built in the factory. The shaft then arrives on the construction site in finished modules with insulated pipes and ducts, ready to be hoisted into - while installation of unfinished buildings.

Bathing cabins come fully furnished on-site - packed and sealed openings, so they are ready. Self-assembly and connections are completely without opening the bathroom. A gain for any architect, contractor or builder that will save time and money - not to mention avoid all the known troubles and consequential damages, which often occurs in the context of space built bathrooms.

Tribune elements form the standing or ground for seat in sports arenas and stadiums. Tribune element is supplied with varying pitch and grid, depending on whether it comes in sitting or standing. The stand elements are supplied with stairs with one to three increases.

Balcony with unilateral case against migrant with drainage or spews. Performed with or without washing edges. Fall min. 1:100. The most common design principle to balconies. The structure shown with consideration of two parallel beams called type 1A. Remuneration of wall or wear cam inside and on pillars outside designated 1B. Remuneration of punches interior and exterior columns called 1C.

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