Inflation in Lithuania

Economic analysis of inflation and its forms in lithuania. What is inflation. Inflation forms. Inflation measurement ways. Inflation reasons. Inflation consequences.  The repression of inflation.  the comparison of Es and Lithuanian inflation tendency.  the indicators of 7 years of inflation in LT. The Lithuanian inflation average of the year.  the monthly variation of LT inflation. The weakness of inflation. Advantageous of inflation. Conclusion.

By the location: 1.Local and global By the nature of manifestation 2.Hidden and open .By the pace 3. Hyper inflation    Leaping inflation    Sliding inflation.

CPI(customer price index)2.Deflator of GDP3."the rule 70"4.inflation pace finding by the connecting money supply ,demand and price increasing pace.

Unexpectable price increasing  "which reducing consumption2.consumption growing which Increase the price3.unbalanced states budget (the states expenditure exceeds income) the state banks account regulation of reserved money ( when you set lower obligatory of money reservation in bank accounts then money multiplication in economy increase, there come "extra" money and that's how inflation grows).

Imported goods and mostly  raw materials price increasing6.long lasting negative balance of payment (the national currencies is decreasing that's why imported goods and services price is growing )7.economy  recession (the work productivity is decreasing that's why production price is growing )8.ecmomy monopolization or oligopoly (when monopolists or oligopolists chase the profit , they are increasing prices even they are not agreed with each other).

Predicted inflation- this is reliable inflation, to which we take into consideration by economy subject expectation and behavior if people are less or more ready for it 2.

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  • Inflation in Lithuania
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