Informal letter to friend about music festival

Informal letter music festival. А friend letter music. Informal letter about music. Letter tofriend about womad festival. Angliškų laiškų apie festivalį pavizdžiai. Informal letter about festival.

Anglų laiškas. How are you? Is everything ok? I didn't know your address or phone number, so I couldn’t find you earlier. Now that I’ve got your address, I can write a letter to you. I'm doing well here. It’s snowing, and it's also very cold and all I’m thinking about is that wonderful, hot and exciting summer when I was at the WOMAD music festival. I went to the music festival called WOMAD in July. Our group consisted of only four people, but it was great because we all knew each other very well and it was fun to meet them again.

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  • Informal letter to friend about music festival
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