Integrated marketing comminications for electric cars

Introduction. History of electric cars. Operation of Lithuania. Privileges. Infrastructure and prospects. The analysis of situation into market and demand of electric cars in lithuania. Demand situation. Trade situation. Description of marketing mix instruments for electric cars. Product. Price. Place. Description of product brand. Market segmentation. Integrated marketing communication methods. Conclusions.

The car - powered machine on wheels for passengers and cargo. The cars began in the eighteenth century, horse carriage shipments mechanical application of the engine. Electric cars back to almost 100 years, and some estimates even more. 1916-created the first hybrid vehicle powered by electricity and gasoline. Electric cars are exactly the same comfortable, reliable and easy to operate like ordinary cars. Electric cars of all time and is a novelty, but these days after they become a little more known and more and more used.

Practical motorists are increasingly opting for electric cars. Electric cars leaner, organically grown, but the Lithuanians come to these vehicles the steering wheel in a hurry. Today Lithuania rolls just a few dozen electric cars.

One potential challenge for electric vehicles Lithuania is low air temperature during the winter, which poses several problems:

Battery: Lithium –ion batteries in modern operating temperature range is normally from -25 C to +50 C. When the outdoor temperature drops to -25 C, battery capacity is reduced by approximately 10 percent, and also applies to the distance covered. Compared to conventional batteries, such temperatures are losing 50 percent. Its capacity 20 percent and is a very good indicator. It is also noteworthy that during the coldest winter months (December, January and February), the lowest average monthly temperature is only -5 C, and the loss of capacity will be less than 20 percent.

Heating: Passenger comfort to ensure that electric heated seats electric heater. Depending on the electric car model, full power for permanent heating shortens travel along the road between 10 and 20 percent, but inform the electric car computer.

Air: air conditioner operation on a hot summer day can reduce the range of the maximum of 25 per cent.

Three the biggest Lithuanian municipalities of electric vehicles exempt from parking fees in major cities (just need to pick up a free parking permit municipality). Thus seeks to reduce urban pollution and contribute to the fact that the electric would be a long term investment.

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