Integrity has no need for rules

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The greatest achievement in morality. Yet , with great loss , we ‘ ve watched specifically that element. Differentiating claims and the determination to remain moral. The reason for despair of such length not just in Lithuania. Becoming a bystander as you see your country. Observing crimes against humanity. Immanuel Kant. What these words mean to us is if we allow the underlying sense of right and wrong. When our forefathers. When our peers currently. When our children rise. The past is just a story we tell ourselves. This ideal to strive. Building blocks.

The greatest achievement in morality that mankind has attained is integrity. This ideal is one that has allowed us to strive for harmony between action and thought, between body and mind. It is the paragon of being impervious to the reaction of those surrounding us when making a choice. What integrity has allowed us to achieve are the building blocks for values that most people seek in coexistence and progress.

Yet, with great loss, we‘ve watched specifically that element – coexistence be challenged and taken away. We‘ve seen contrasts of rational minds clashing on which interpretation of integrity is correct, what rulebook or ethics we are to follow. The Holy Bible, the Q‘ran, political views and various other sources attempted to create a collective conscience on limited and conditional virtue. They have inevitably conflicted and segregated us.

Differentiating claims and the determination to remain moral within certain bounds has challenged the validity of actions we base on morality. The perception of limiting our goodwill to follow a certain code was, as a result, established. In times of oppression, blatant injustice and inequality would be given ground as a moral reaction to that abuse was beyond the pre-set limits of our guidelines.

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  • Integrity has no need for rules
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