Internal business

Anglų namų darbas. Internal business.

1.Research the following questions about body language and business etiquette.

a.How do you beckon someone in Spain? Please, report source/s.

Gestures are different in different nations. If you want to beckon someone in Spain you have to fully extend your arm and with your palm downward to make a scratching motion toward yourself with the fingers.

Source/s: Wibbeke, E. S., Worldsmart: Gestures around the World.

b.If you are served tea during a business meeting in Hong Kong and your host does not touch his tea for a long time, what does this signify? Please, report source/s.

If your host does not touch his tea for a long time during the meeting in Hong Kong it means the end of the meeting.

Source/s: The Web Page of eDiplomat, Cultural Etiquette Around the World/ Hong Kong. Available from:

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