International value chains

Introduction. International value chain theoretical aspect. Conception of international value chain. Michael Porter’s value chain model. Ford‘s international value chain. Review of Ford Motor Company activities. Competitors. Analysis of Ford Motor Company international value chain. Improvement of international value chain in ford motor Company. Conclusions and recommendations. References.


Incorectly used value chain acivities which do not add the greatest value.


To analyse importance of international value chain.


To analyse international value chain activities in Ford Motor Company.


1.Identify the ways in which company creates value

2.Assess the situation of company‘s international value chain

3.Define the solutions to avoid the problems


It will be reached by analysing literature, statistical and financial data, companies activities.

1. The analysed literature helped to identify the ways which add the value to company‘s goods or services. It is primary activities such as inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, service. And also support activities like procurement, technology development, human resource management, firm infrastructure. All these activities are important in creating the value of goods and services in order to get competitive advantage.

2. Ford Motor company‘s international value chain is in quite good situation. A lot of plants and offices are in different countries and regions. Its value chain differs a little from Michael Porter‘s tradicional value chain, because it is an automotive industry. Ford‘s value chain does not have some big errors which do not let to add the greatest value to its‘ products. But there also is seen a need to improve its value chain in Europe region in activities like sales and marketing because the company‘s market share in Europe is decreased. Although, decreased by a very small number, but still - its a decrease which do not let to approve that Ford‘s international value chain is ideal.

3. The defined solutions are to give more attention to sales and marketing activities in Europe region, because they do not give attention that is required in order to increase their market share and also to improve its value chain. The company should communicate with european customers more about products, services. Also Ford should consider and include others european dealers in their global dealers network. To work harder on marketing in Europe is other side of solutons that can be made and one of them is - as Ford Motor Company is american company which represents american culture, it should add to its particular products a little spice of european culture.

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