Investigation of magnetic hysteresis

Investigation of magnetic hysteresis. Purpose. To examine the magnetic hysteresis of ferromagnetic material. To determine the power density of reversal magnetization losses. Apparatus. The main formulas. Procedure. Calculations. Conclusions. We examined the magnetic hysteresis of ferromagnetic material and determined the power density of reversal magnetization losses, which are ×105 W/m3, ×104 W/m. References.

The set-up for magnetic hysteresis loop observation consist of the toroid T having a ferromagnetic core, resistors and , a capasitor C, an alternating voltage generator, the oscillograph for observation of a hysteresis loop and the voltmeter for measuring voltage across the resistor and capasitor C().

Apply the alternating voltage of fixed frequency from the generator to the entrance of arranged electric circuit.

Switch on the oscillograph and get the ferromagnet hysteresis loop in the oscillograph screen. Increase the amplification of the x- and y-channels so that the magnetic hysteresis loop would occupy the major part of the screen

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  • Investigation of magnetic hysteresis
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