Iris murdoch Paper on English Literature

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Iris murdoch. Contents introduction. Main body of the text. The aim of this research. The subject of this paper. A biography of iris murdoch. Creative works. main themes and ideas. The Fire and the Sun. The theme of Existentialism. Conclusions references.

Jean Iris Murdoch was born in Dublin, on 15th July 1919. Her father, Wills John Hughes Murdoch was an English civil servant who had been a cavalry officer in World War I. Her begetter Irene Alice Richardson, was an Irishwoman who had trained as an opera singer. During the World War I her family migrated to live in London where she grew up. She grew up on the outskirts of Hammersmith and Chiswick. Her primary school was the Froebel Demonstration School and in 1932 she went to Badminton School in Bristol. Here she very missed her parents. She had no brothers and sisters. After school she went to Oxford University, to read 'Greats' at Somerville College between 1938 and 1942. She was awarded a First Class Honours degree. During her studentship she engaged into political activity (she joined the Communist Party), amateur dramatics. During the World War II Iris Murdoch started to work as Assistant Principal at the Treasury in 1942-1944 and later on as a Relief Worker for UNRRA in Belgium and Austria in 1944-1946.

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