Is there an imperial presidency?

Essay question: “is there an imperial presidency? ”

Often described as Imperial Presidency, the rise of presidential control has been a feature of modern-day American political life, with the powers of the President of the United States exceeding the constitutional limits. This essay is going to argue that the role of American modern presidency is currently more important than it has ever been and that, on many occasions, it can be deemed as imperial. First of all, I am going to look at how presidential policy-making powers have changed through time, arguing that the President has gained superiority over Congress on many issues and has the power to act on his own. Secondly, the essay is going to look at the duality of the American presidency and how that is related to the Imperial Presidency. The essay will argue that the President has vastly greater influence over foreign policy, but his powers in domestic affairs are much more limited by the Checks and Balances system. Furthermore, the aspect of war will be examined more closely in relation to the image of an Imperial Presidency. It will be claimed that waging wars has contributed to the idea of an Imperial Presidency in a big way, but there have been other factors, which haven’t been exclusively related to foreign policy. The essay will conclude that an Imperial Presidency actually exists, with the President of the United States possessing de facto powers, which arguably exceed those, indicated in the constitution.

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