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Introduction. Short object of analysis. Main criteria, their importance. Comparative analysis for chosen criteria Terms and conditions. Special offers. Loan amount. First quick loan. Further quick loans. Summary, suggestions for potential users. Resources. Team work explanation.

Credit unions are non-profit institutions (that is the main difference from banks) which can offers us quick loans, also called payday loans. They are excellent option if you are temporarily out of money. Most time these loans are short-term, but it is possible to have long-term (up to 36months). Sometimes problems arise unexpected and then quick loans are one of the fastest solutions to pay off debts.

Our task: in our comparative analysis we are going to analyze 5 credit unions. We have chosen:

To do comparative analysis of credit union we have chosen 5 criteria: terms and conditions, special offers, loan size, first quick loan and further quick loans.

When taking quick loan, first and most important thing is terms and conditions – person have to make sure if he meets the requirements of union. Another things that person is interested in are if credit union can offer quick loan size as he needs, what price he will pay for borrowed money and of course, what special discounts they are offering.

We found our 5 chosen unions suggestions, which are available now.

Comparison of credit unions special offers

Interest rates can be paid with ,,Moment credit litai”. You get ,,Moment credit” 10Lt when you take credit for first time, and 15Lt when you pay back on time.

Data taken from official credit unions websites

Firstly, you ask to borrow a certain amount then the cash lender assesses your application and makes a decision whether to lend to you or not. But also you cannot choose the exact amount you want to borrow, each company have different condition what amount of expenditure you can borrow. For example if you borrow quick loan, you cannot take less than 250 Lt. and cannot take more than 5000Lt. This puts you in control of your borrowing and gives you flexibility to suit your situation.

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