It is important for evrybody to protects nature

1st of all, part of natural disasters and unexplainable climate change (also a considered disaster) is caused by human doing. How is that possible when the natural world was undependable for so many years? Well that’s easy to explain – air, water pollution, chopped out forests, next - rapidly growing human population requires more space so people expand their living areas by “conquering” new lands and banishing other animal species bringing them to the point of extinction. Furthermore Not that many years ago scientists noticed that glaciers started to melt which was caused by the raise of the average temperature in the world, slowly shifting seasons – all that caused by our irresponsible actions to make the world a “better” place.

However technologies are advancing and undoubtedly our scientists find new ways to fix what we have done to nature or its parts.

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  • It is important for evrybody to protects nature
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