James Cook

Anglų skaidrės. James Cook. Born and died. Early life. Begin career. Family life. Pirmoji kelionė. (1768–1771). Kuko nupieštos Naujosios Zelandijos salos. Antroji kelionė. (1772–1775). Trečioji kelionė. (1776–1779). Džeimso Kuko mirtis. Kuko palikimas. Sources of information.

The work was done by Liveta Grikštaitė and Karolina Gudonytė IIb.

Born: 1728. 7 November, Marton, United KingdomDied: 1779. 14 February.,Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, USA.

Cook was born in a poor family of five children's ability to learn his father gave the employer. 1745. 16-year-old Cook left the house and began to work in the store Staithėse fishermen After three years of practice, began working on trading ships in the Baltic Sea.

Seven years later, during the war engaged in cartography, prepared by the entrance to the Gulf of Vavržynsko maps. His talent manifested cartographic mapping parts of Newfoundland in 1760. The diligent work drew the attention of the British Admiralty.

Married Elizabeth Bates, one of his patron's daughter in marriage received six children.

1768 m. Kukas laivu „Endeavour“ išplaukė iš Anglijos.

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