January 13 Events

Stood before the tanks but they went anyway. It stood there holding hands, and defended lithuania, the russians. List of victims. Burial ceremony of january. Events victims in vilnius. Life and death through. Our independence plant abundant palaistytas sacred blood of its defenders. Eternal life in lithuania rose on their hearts. Live, they will fight the light.

What is the fight of 1991 on January 13 th?

January 13 th-largest freedom of every person and every nation value. Unfortunately, it requires sacrifice. Occasionally, very large .... Probably not such a world, people who fight for their freedom would result in suffering, oppression, injustice, as far as we have seen - the Lithuanians. .

Many years ago there was a Grand Duke Vytautas the casket. Now here lies our children, and we apraudam their death, realizing that they already belong to history, that they now šildosi sužvarbusias hands on Eternal flame with the great men of our nation.

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  • January 13 Events
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