Jean Corot

Jean Corot. Ville-d'Array Entrance to the Wood with a Girl Tending Cows. The Colosseum Seen through the Arcades of the Basilica of Constantine.  . The Colosseum View from the Farnese Gardens.  . Rome The Forum Seen from the Farnese Gardens.  . Rome The Church of Trinit? dei Monti Seen from the Valley of Trinit. Seated Italian Monk, Reading, Rome.  1826. The Bridge at Narni. Rocks in Amalfi.  . Chartres Cathedral.  . View of Riva in the Italian Tyrol.  . Self-Portrait with Palette in Hand. The Cabassud Houses at Ville-d'Avray.  1835. Landscape with Lake and Boatman.  . Genzano. Goatherd and View of a Village.  . The Baptism of Christ.  1844. Saint Sebastian.  1850. A Morning. Dance of the Nymphs.  1850. The Port of La Rochelle.  . Memory of Marcoussis, near Montlhéry.  . Landscape with a Boy in a White Shirt.  1855. Trees on a Swamp.  1855. Evening.  1855. A Nymph Playing with Cupid.  . Idylle.  . Morning.  . Landscape with a Lake.  c. 1860. Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld.  . Memory of Montefontaine.  .  Memory of Lake Nemi, Italy.  . Interrupted Reading.  1865. Courtyard of a Peasant's House near Paris.  1865.  The Cathedral of Mantes.  1865. Peasant Woman with a Cow.  1865. The Letter.  1865. Agostina.  . Man in Armor or Seated Man at Arms.  1868. The Clearing. Memory of Ville d'Avray.  . Woman with a Pearl. 1868. Sibylle.  . Pensive Woman in Oriental Dress.  . Šaltiniai.
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