Job satisfaction or money: which is more important?

Job satisfaction or money, which is more important?

Have you ever imagined that we will be dependable on money in this modern world much more? Everyone wants to get a well-paid job, earn a big salary, have a magnificent house or car and these things become the most important in their lives. I strongly disagree with such view and, in my opinion, even though, money is necessary, the most important thing is to have a likeable and rewarding job.

To begin with, if we have a satisfying job, we will make sure that it never becomes a routine. It is a serious issue, when people choose jobs only for high salaries. After some time, high salary hunters become bored, irritated and their job quality becomes lower too and people involved in it, such as customers or colleagues, are not satisfied with the attitude towards them and the job itself.

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  • Job satisfaction or money: which is more important?
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