J.R.D. Tata family business atvejo analizė

J. R. D. Tata. Case analysis. Introduction. Situation analysis. Company. Time line. Policies implemented at tata sons. Key players. Problem identification. Alternatives. Ensuring better management. Hiring top students from indian universities. Motivating family members. Training current and future managers. Implementing rotation tactics. Succession planning. Creating sustainable growth in india. Running social and educational programs. Running programs for universities. Lobbying. Business unions. Labour unions. Suggested solution. Conclusion. Bibliography. References.

Firstly, the main topic discussed in the case analysis is about most influential business leader who revolutionized business practices in India and played a meaningful role in building India’s economy.

Secondly, when we analyzed our J.R.D. Tata case we found that the main problem which is to be solved is about developing good future leaders for Tata Group that would be able to continue the growth and prosperity for Tata Group and for India, to react to political, economic and social trends, provide continuity and efficient management and to work under pro and anti-business government regimes.

Our goal is to concentrate on solution finding process while discussing the alternatives in order to find an answer into question: “How to develop and maintain such leader that would be able to lead family business and continue the growth not only for company but also for India?”.

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