"Junk" by Melvin Burgess

Recenzija. "Junk" by Melvin Burgess.

Melvin Burgess is a British writer and an author of eight books, who got famous in 1998 with a publication of “Junk”. He is writing about problems of nowadays teenagers. "Junk" is a ruthless, shocking novel about two teenagers who got into drug addiction.

“Junk“ is a story about friendship and love of two teenagers Tar and Gemma, who are the main characters in the story. Tar is an average teenager who is trying to escape his father‘s violence. Gemma is a typical girl who is always in search of adventures and who is protesting against her parent‘s strictness.

At the begining of the novel the reader gets to know main characters and their stories: how Gemma‘s parents cannot understand her and how Tar‘s father always beats him.

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