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JuOZAS Grušas. „Love, jazz and devil. Content. Informacion about author. Main actors and their personality traits. Friendship and arguments between friends. The relationship between teenagers and adults. Rebellion and breaking the rules. Becoming an adult and taking responsibility for your life.

Informacion about author. Rebellion and breaking the rules.

Juozas Grušas - Lithuanian playwright, prose writer, translator, essayist. Most of J. Grušas work is being played in Kaunas Dramos Teatras.

Andrius - he's a workaholic, he never takes a vacation, always take on something new. He looks for adventure. He seeks initiative and is full of ideas. He likes to boss people around, to give orders. Julius - In his mind, the world doesn't have a promising future. He stubbornly seeks Beta's love, thinks about his work and wants to have children. Only Beatriče makes him believe that something in this world is worth figting for.

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