Kalbėjimo potemė. Public transport

Transport kalbejimas. Poteme t referatas. Patarlės ir priežodžiai kalbejimas. Misija sibiras kalbejimas. Kalbejimas misija sibiras. Fotografas d. grifinas teigia, jog fotografija įamžina reikšmingas akimirkas - kultūra, 5. Kokią biblioteką laikytumėte kultūros židiniu - kultūra 2 kalbėjimo potemė. Neretai sakoma kad įvairūs paminklai ir skulptūros virsta tiesiog nieko. D grifinas teigia. Public transport kalbejimas.

Anglų kalbos kalbėjimo potemė 2012m.

Over the last two hundred years, means of transport have changed and developed a great deal. Today modes of public transport include buses, trolleybuses, trams and trains, rapid transit (metro/subways/undergrounds etc) and ferries.

Here we see that some residents were asked how often they use the public transport and the results of this survey are perfectly apparent. A large number of those surveyed use the modes of transport regulary. This is demonstrated by the fact that 47 percents of them stated that they use the public transport every day. It can be for daily commute to work, school or somewhere else. Other people use the public transport less. This is illustrated by the fact that 18 percent of users said that they use public transport rarely or 15 percent use it 3-4 times per week. And only 8 percent stated that people don‘t use it at all. What about me I think I belong to human group which don‘t use public transport often except a taxi when I have rapidly to reach something destination.

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