Kalėdinis vaidinimas anglų kalba

Kalėdinis vaidinimas scenarijus anglų kalba.

(Autorius)-Once upon a time there was a child named Timmy. Timmy was a spoiled

child, and always got whatever he wanted.

(Tevas) So Timmy have you been good all this year? I hope you know that Santa Claus doesn't visits children who bad all the year.

(Timmis) Oh dad i was very good kid all this year and i hope that Santa won't forget to visit our house.

(Autorius) Timmy goes into his room

(Timmy) Hmmm.. Yeah!!! I know that i want to get for Christmas i hope that Santa will grand my wish.

(Autorius)-With that, Timmy sent his letter to Santa.

(Autorius) In Santa house in Laplandija...

(Santa)-Who is this from? Oh, it's from little Timmy! What does he want? A computer?

Didn't he get one last year? Yeah, he did... I'll just get him something else. He always wants a new computer. I hope he won't be very angry at me if i won't bring him that computer this year.

(Autorius) Christmas morning at 9:00 Am, when Timmy woke up he started shouting in his room.

(Timis)-Oh, yay! It's Christmas today! I can't wait to open my presents!!

Timis nubega prie egles ir ispakuoja savo dovana. Ten iPodas.

(Timis)-What is this?! This is what I get for Christmas? I was expecting a new

computer and this is what I get?! Who could ever want something like this?! I cant believe that Santa give me this strange thing. Its the worst Christmas.

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