Karalius Artūras skaidrės

Excalibur lietuviu kalba. Karalius arturas pagrindine mintis. Romano apie artura analize. Portugalijos karalius rašinys.

Karalius artūras skaidrės. Introducing king arthur. Historical arthur. Dark ages. Literary arthur. Medieval. History of arthurceltic mythologyromantic themes. Important characters. Important places. Important objects. Excalibur. The holy grail. The round table. Knights of the round table. Chivalry. Knight. Knights errant. Knight training. Become a page or varlet. Become a squire. Initiation to the knighthood. Preparation for the ceremony. Rules/codes for knights. Famous works which include arthur.
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  • Karalius Artūras skaidrės
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