Kaunas museums Famous Lithuanian people

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There are many museums in Lithuania. Lets talk about some of them - museums of Kaunas. Vytautas the Great Museum of War is the only war museum in Lithuania. Famous people of Lithuania. First about famous Lithuanian painter and musician Mikalojus Konstantinas Chiurlionis. He was born in 1875, in Dzookija. He studied in Warsaw, in Leipzig. He learned playing piano, painting. He often visited foreign countries, meets a lot of famous people. Chiurlionis left many musical creations. He wrote chorale songs, sonatas, symphonies, creations for the piano and the organ. Chiurlionis was the man, who started writing Lithuanian symphonic music. His symphonic poems "Sea” and “Forest" are well known and liked all over the world, Chiurlionis created more than 300 pictures. The most of them are widely known. He created cycles of paintings "Funeral symphony" "Zodiac" " Fairy-tale". The most beautiful painting by Chiurlionis is "Kings." He organises the first exhibition art in 1906 in Vilnius.
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