Kauno Švara

Establish a company. Kauno Švara. Content. Company‘s history. History from handmade to technology. Activity. Quality and environment protection management structure. Goals and objectives. Mission and vision. Strategy. Company values. Products. Experience, stability, reputation. Thank you for your attention !

In 1918 establishment; In 1963 established specialized company with 156 motor vehicle and machinery; In 1995 company achieved significant results in the field of waste management; In 2000 company became a limited liability company; In 2014 Kauno švara is one of the leading waste management companies in Lithuania.

Public waste transportation; Streets and areas cleaning; Metalworking production; Hazardous waste transportation and protection; Drinking and industrial water transportation.

Our goals: high quality services to our clients, clean environment, safe work environment. Our objectives: to avoid the formation of waste, control the formation of waste and manage their accounts,.

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