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The Value The Kelsey is an internationally recognized institution that houses the University's collections of ancient Egyptian, Near Eastern, Greek, Roman, Coptic, and Islamic art and artifacts. The majority of the nearly 100,000 objects come from Kelsey excavations in Egypt and Iraq before World War II. Our materials from the excavation of Karanis, a small Egyptian farming village of Graeco-Roman date, are unmatched by any collection outside of Egypt itself. The Museum mounts active programs of excavation, collection research, and exhibitions, which are at the forefront of archaeological research and bring the results of our work to the public in engaging and innovative ways. Over the past 30 years, the programs of the Kelsey Museum have grown dramatically. This has taken place in tandem with the growth of the University's Graduate Program in Classical Art and Archaeology, which is housed in the Kelsey. With the University's support, a firstclass staff of faculty curators has been gathered to work on, teach from, and display the priceless artifacts in our collections. This staff, these collections, and a burgeoning group of students eager to work with the Museum's materials create invaluable opportunities to mount exhibitions that bring together in dynamic ways the research of the curators and the enthusiasm of the students. Such exhibitions are not only of interest to the academic and research communities but serve to educate, challenge, and we hope, delight the general public.

The DifferenceWhat is now holding back this talented group of people is lack of space, both for display and study. Only 1% of the Museum's holdings can be displayed to the public at any one time, but the space problems affect much more than the actual displays. Eight academic curators, 12 full-time museum professionals and staff, more than 20 graduate students, the archives of 10 Museum-sponsored excavations, and more than 100,000 artifacts are crammed into every nook and cranny that can be made usable, from the building's tiny basement to its unheated attic. Our new space will triple our exhibition space and greatly expand our research and teaching facilities. However, the costs of building and staffing this expanded facility come to $11 million. As of September 2004, we need to raise another $2.7 million. We have secured $500,000 in matching funds from an NEH Challenge Grant to assist in meeting this goal. We need now to raise $2.2 million from a range of nonfederal sources-corporations, foundations, and private donors-to complete our project. Our fundraising efforts break into two parts, the first to meet the NEH Challenge Grant for our collections staff, and the second for enhanced research support.

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