Nursery – kindergarten girinukas. Content. History Mission Vision Purposes (part I. History. 1988 - two groups for children with speech and communication disorders were set up. Mission. Ensure 2-7 years. Early years group. Vision. "Girinukas" - open to the challenges pre-school institution. Montessori group. Purposes (part i). To protect and promote children's physical and mental health. Purposes (part ii). To remove the educational imbalances in meeting the individual needs of the child. A group for children with speech and communication disorders. Values. Respect a child. Philosophy. Not to be better than another, but to be better than the previous itself. Group, that applies step by step method. Educational methods. Nursery - kindergarten "Girinukas“ educational process is organized by prepared teachers in pre-school program. Staff. Teachers are professionally prepared for satisfying the needs of children to communicate. The organization of activities. Education is organized by the individual institution's teachers created program. Preschool group (5-7 years). Environment. Each group is created with a functional environment that promotes children's cognitive development. Festivals. September first festival Fall. Torch festival. It is a celebration of kindness.

History Mission Vision Purposes (part I and part II) Values Philosophy Educational methods Staff The organization of activities Environment Festivals.

1988 - two groups for children with speech and communication disorders were set up; 1990. A few groups started to apply Montessori educational system; 1999. Four groups joined the international children's education project "Step by Step"; 2002. education institutions has become an international children's social skills training program Zippy's Friends of the participants; 2010. Preschool curriculum content were updated by involving Reggio Emilia method elements.

Ensure 2-7 years children's education by the institution of pre-school education program and Pre-primary Education Framework Program, preserving health, fostering individuality, uniqueness. To help the family revealing the child's innate abilities, to develop an active, creative self-confident, strong knowledge of motivation with children ready to succeed in school.

"Girinukas" - open to the challenges pre-school institution, reaching a high quality of work motivation, flexibility in satisfying customer needs, which enables to choose the most acceptable method of child education.

To protect and promote children's physical and mental health, to guarantee the social security; To foster the child's powers (intellectual, emotional, will, physical), determining individual development and socialization of success; To encourage the child's independence, creativity, discover and develop their skills, to foster individuality; To help children understand and take over the general human values; Protect and nurture children's culture;.

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