Knygos analizė anglų kalba Junk

Knygos analizė anglų kalba Junk.

„Junk“ in my view is one of the best Melvin Burgess book. This is open history about two teenagers, Džemos and Taro, friendship and love story. He runs away from home defected father's violence, she - in search of adventure and to protest against the severity of the parents. JUNK- a ruthless, shocking book about the dark side of life, and of hope.

Love begins and ends, but dependency - not. strong-willed addicts not exist. Džema Brogan give everything that she just to feel the taste of real life. She is looking for his new personality as an individual value of the evidence. Conscious maternity instinct drives her to take care of Taras.

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  • Knygos analizė anglų kalba Junk
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