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Pateikiamas Corky Bell'o knygos “Maximum boost” summary (santrauka) anglų kalba.

This book is about engines and increasing the power using turbines. Turbine is simple device. It’s nothing more than an air pump driven by energy remaining in the exhaust gases. Turbine can be small and big with the small turbine engine can reach maximum power at the low rpm with minimum lag. Engine with the big turbine can reach maximum power which is much bigger compare to the small turbine but just at the high rpm this power can be reached. Lag is the time from pedal pressing to the power kick.

Selection of right turbocharger is quite difficult. For the cars with small engine capacity the turbine should be small too because of the lag and engine with the big capacity must be appropriate size because of the back pressure. Back pressure is damaging the engine because the exhaust gases can’t flow free through the turbocharger. Second important thing of turbocharged engine is the detonation. Detonation appears when the combustion is early or late or air/fuel ratio isn’t right.

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