Knygų mugė International Book Fair

International Book Fair.

In fact, the Book Fair is held every year in Vilnius, where you meet a large group of participants and visitors. There is presented a variety of famous people work, selling books, works going on lecture and discussion. Well, if I had the opportunity to visit the fair and should I the opportunity to select book, this book would be about Lithuania the old story of wars, occupation, exile and so on, the other book should be a romantic drama that I could relax with a book in the evenings, and the third book should be a motivational book about healthy nutrition, sports, health, because I like to read this kind of paper publication.

Well, in terms of this very famous people would like to meet Andrius Tapinas , who is Lithuanian writer, newscaster, in addition I would like to become familiar with Mantyvdas Leknickas because it is inspiring personality, able to motivate others, and destroying a well-established standards.

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