Krepšininkas Vin Baker

Vin likes to say he's a pk — preacher's kid. And that explains the kind of person he is: hard working, quiet, polite, generous. He's also devoted to his family and has a driving need to help his community, especially young people. Vin baker knows heroes. He has two, and he is one. Vin baker's heroes are his father, a baptist minister, and his uncle, who taught him to play basketball. Now vin baker is a member of the seattle supersonics and a four-time nba all-star. Vin is an admitted homebody. He tends to shy away from the limelight, but when he's the center of attention — as he was when his college retired his number — he's always friendly and cordial. The biggest influences in vin's life have been his parents and his friends, particularly his former bucks teammate, johnny newman. Growing up, his basketball heroes were dr. J and kevin mchale. In the off-season, vin works out and plays summer ball in connecticut, and spends time hosting several charitable events through his stand tall foundation. He also attends a number of fundraising events for other athletes and celebrities around the country. In his spare time, vin enjoys cooking, watching movies, and spending quiet time at home with family and friends.

S++}Vin grew up in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. It's a quiet place for most of the year, except for the summer when it becomes filled with tourists and beach-goers. And it's a close-knit community. People tend to know what their neighbors are up to. Old Saybrook may have the charm of a beach resort, but it certainly isn't a hotbed of basketball activity. Vin's father, James Baker, is a Baptist minister (and auto mechanic), and is well-known in town. He and his wife Jean were also strict but loving parents. Vin will admit that his parents enforced a curfew throughout his high school and even his college years.

Vin made an even bigger impression during his second year as a Buck in 1994-1995. He ranked among the league leaders in rebounds, blocked shorts and scoring (17.7 ppg). And he played in the All-Star Game to boot. What's more, Vin showed the Bucks and the rest of the NBA what the phrase "work ethic" means, not missing a game and averaging 41.0 minutes in 82 starts.

Most people thought Vin Baker would be a "project" when he signed with the Bucks. During his rookie season, however, he showed his teammates and his NBA peers that he was already a player of exceptional talent and drive.

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