Kursinis darbas apie benzininį variklį anglų kalba

Kursinis darbas apie benzinini varikli anglu kalba. History. How does it work. Applications. Working cycles. Cylinder arrangement. Cooling. Conclusion. Task. Vocabulary. Task. Write and answer the questions.

Most popular engines in our days is four stroke cycle engine. It works by this scheme:

INTAKE stroke: A mixture of fuel and air gets sucked in cylinder by the piston sliding downward.

Petrol engines are using in motor cars, motorcycles, aircraft, motorboats, lawn mowers chainsaws, portable engine-generators.

3. Which one is better: the diesel engine or the petrol engine?

Petrol because it is quiet, more ecology and more powerful compared with diesel engines.

Petrol engines can either be two cycle or four cycle.

In petrol engine could be from 1 to 16 cylinders.

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