Kuršių nerija skaidrės anglų pristatymas

Kursiu nerija angliskai. Kuršių nerija pristatymas. Kursiu nerija ppt. Kursiu nerija istorija aprasymas angliskai]. Kuršių nerija neringa skaidrės. Neringa skaidrės. Skaidres apie kursiu nerija. Anglu prezentacija skaidres. Lietuvos nacionaliniai parkai ppt. Anglu skaidres ppt imone.

Curonian spit. History. Origin of the name. Mythology. Places to visit.

It is said that in ancient times KARVAICIAI Neringa daughter grew up in a big high, a giant. She has a good heart and a lot of people helped - through storms wade into the sea and to the shore back float stray ships. But once wave blower angry, caused by storms, which did not stop. People stood up to defend Neringa. She drew on the apron of sand, brought to the sea and poured into water. As brought up before the addition of the spit. The Spit is sealed off from the sea bay. People of gratitude to the sand bar and named Neringa.

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