Lack of morality in our society

Lack of morality in our society.

Our society was allways distributed in social plies. And this is the main reason wich caused inequality of people. Because of that humans become self- seekers, with devolved valuables. And now in our world live pervents, mean selfish politics and other offenders. More and more people stop to believe that there are left some kinds of morality, because all events witness, that there are no sensibility and sincerety.

One of the proof that people is suffering from this, is corruption in politics. Government officials use and abuse their hold on power to get more money. Usually they solicit bribes in goverment projects, privatisation processes and taxation. For example our sejm representatives. They reise prices and charges, but people salaries are not growing up. It is funny, because their wages become bigger and bigger. So how suppose to live innocent person, when his wage is smaller than his charges when rich politics enjoy their big incomes?

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  • Lack of morality in our society
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