Laiko planavimas, anglų kalba Time Management

Anglų skaidrės. Time Management Techniques / personal management solutions. Minutes every morning preparation. Compensation. Use appropriate time. Assign yourself a break. Keep follow of your progress. Revise your to-do list. Remain your time to play. Sleep.

Time management techniques - it is a combination of tools and approaches, which makes possible to live more balanced and enjoyable life and a more efficient use of time.

Nowdays, when people like rushing and catching up with time, much more than before, it is increasingly difficult to perfect and perform tasks. Various problems, worries, beloved just mix everything and do not have time to think about the future. Timing will help solve this problem.

Prepare your body every morning for the coming day. Prepare breakfast and relax, at least half an hour. After this ritual, start to think about the work you have to do. Before planning the time, you have to know what to plan. Write task, just as you begin to manage your time. Divide by the priorities of all tasks: The first priority of the tasks that you need to perform up to 18 o’clock.

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  • Laiko planavimas, anglų kalba Time Management
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