Laiškas draugui apie laisvalaikio užsiemimą

Rusu laiskas apie laisvalaiki. Rusu rasinys apie laisvalaiki. Letter about pastime activity. Rusiskas laiskas draugui. Trumpas laiskas draugui. Anglu rasinys apie laisvalaiki. Rašinys apie laisvalaikį rusiškai. Laiskas draugui apie laisvalaiki angliskai. Laiskas draugui apie laisvalaiki anglu k. Rusu laiskas draugui.

Trumpas laiškas 2011 anglų VBE

Thank you for the last letter which send to me. Your favourite pastime activity is awesome. I think that I must to tell you about my favourite pastime activity too.

When I have some free time I surf the internet. This activity I started when I was a child and started because I saw how my elder sister surf the internet and I was astonished.

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