Language, Communication and Identity

Language, Communication and Identity.

I partly agree with Lois Althusser theory - structuralist approach to identity and also to Ervin Goffman – constructionist approach to identity.

There is a structure how society views social norms. From the day of our birth we are put in to the ‘frames’. For example I born in traditional, Lithuanian family, so I am identified like straight Lithuanian girl; I live in Lithuania and speak Lithuanian language, my accent is not very strong, it’s very close to the standard language; I live in biggest Lithuanian village which is very close to the city, but for a long time I was identified like a villager; I went to Domeikava’s gymnasium, wore its uniform, and been indentified like student of that school; I am a third child, I have brother and sister and have been identified like Miss Molly; And I couldn’t do or change anything, there are societal ‘apparatuses’ that ‘position’ us in certain ways.

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  • Language, Communication and Identity
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